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The Juaneno Indians
Tribal Newsletter


Juaneno Indians and the Mission San Juan Capistrano.  Learn how the Juaneno Tribe played a major role in the construction of the San Juan Capistrano Mission Church.

There are 2500 registered members of the Juaneno tribe.  They primarily reside in the southern part of California.

To be accepted as Juaneno through the eyes of the tribal members, a person must prove their ancestry back through a number of generations.

Their traditional homeland spanned roughly from Laguna Beach to San Onofre in Southern California. 


Current Issues:

There are some key health issues that the tribe is facing.  Such as: an outbreak of diabetes, hypertension, and the problem of obesity.

The Juaneno tribe is not federally recognized yet by the United States government, so they are continuously faced with the process of proving their ancestry back to before California was even declared a state.

The tribe does not receive funds from the government, so there is a scholarship fund set up through donations from members and persons wishing to contribute.  If you would like to donate to the Juaneno Indian Scholarship Fund, please contact Fran Yorba at 949.488.3484.

Upcoming Events:

Annual Pow-Wow
August 10-11th at Saddleback Community College

Native Dwelling

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